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Differences Between Leadership And Management

Differences Between Leadership And Management - What makes a good leader a good manager? What makes a good manager a good leader? These questions, along with many other questions surrounding leadership and management have been revolving without having a fixed answer that can settle everything once for all. This is because the definition between management and leadership is never a fixed definition. The definition for both is fluid and always changes depending on the setting and the needs. Thus, what we could talk about when we are talking about the differences between leadership and management is by talking about them in general term. So, what makes leadership different from management?

Differences Between Leadership And Management

The differences should not be stated, but they should be given some example

It is hard to define or to write the differences between the leadership and management by giving some definition. Some people may argue that the main difference between those two is that while the managers have people, or employees, who work for them, the leaders have the people who follow them. Do you feel satisfied with that simple definition? I am sure that you do not! Thus, to make sure that we can define management and leadership, the best way is by looking at some strong traits that both leaders and managers have.

Leader should focus on the person

One of the differences between leadership and management is that if you want to have a good skill in leadership, you need to learn more than just the structure of a company. What you need to have are some abstract skills. In order to be a good leader in a company, you may not to read a book about how to a company works. Instead, you may have to be able to motivate and inspire all of the people who work with you. To achieve this, you have to be honest, you have to show your integrity even to the people whose level is below you, and you have to communicate well.

Managers focus on the structure of the company   

Though both leaders and managers have the same goal, which is the development and the profit of the company, they may approach the goal differently. Thus, the leadership and management have to go hand in hand. As for the managers, they have to be able to develop a structured strategy on how to achieve the goal. Once they have this, the skills on how to communicate with people to achieve the goal will take place, and this is why a good manager has to be good at leadership as well.
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