What Leadership Skills Mean to Hayao Miyazaki

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Leadership Skills – You must ever read that several legend animation movies from studio Ghibli are going to be played in all of theatre worldwide for a month. Some masterpiece films like Hotaru No Haka, Spirited Away, Panda Go Panda, Gulliver’s Journey to the Moon, Ponyo, The Cat Returns, and Princess Mononoke are going to served and aired in around the world. For those who really like anime and Japanese animation, this news is bringing new spirit to re-watch their favourite movies. This article will tell you about what leadership skills mean to Hayao Miyazaki, so that he can made the big animation studio based in Japan.

What Leadership Skills Mean to Hayao Miyazaki

Leadership Skills

As I know, animation movies from studio Ghibli are known as their best quality and education teaches by the characters in the film. Instead of being only entertained, Ghibli films are known as meaningful film. The quality of animation is very good. The success gained by Ghibli studio cannot be separated from the founder and president itself. He is Hayao Miyazaki. He created Ghibli studio with high integrity and excellent leadership skills. Every interview goes to Miyazaki consist of how and why he could come up with awesome imagination. Hayao Miyazaki has his own thinking about what leadership skills mean to him. As I child, his parents always teach about the excellence of having good leadership. Every successful person has their own style and skill of leadership. Then, he began to find his true talent which is drawing and making animation. Since there were no great programs to draw, he insisted to draw by his hand manually.

leadership skills

Then, he had idea about building studio of animation movies. He invited many people with talent to join him and created Ghibli in 1985. He is such a good leader for his employee. The key of his leadership skills is being friends with everyone in the Ghibli company, not a boss.

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