Servant Leadership Definition

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Servant Leadership Definition – Most of the time, it is the people with high power who will lead the people who have a low power. In this kind of point of view, servant does not have the right to lead. Most of the time, this style of leadership may lead to some problems, some of which may be caused by the inability of the leader to accommodate the needs of the subordinates or the servants. This is why the Servant Leadership comes into play. This type of leadership has been getting a lot of attention these days because of its different approach and view towards who should lead the mass.

Servant Leadership Definition

Servant Leadership Definition

What it is

This new concept is introduced by Green Leaf, and its gaining a lot of awareness since it was introduced a while ago. In their website, the team refers the term Servant Leadership as both as a philosophy of leadership and as a set of practices of leadership. What makes this style or practice of leadership different from the existing leadership practices is the way it involves putting the needs of others first rather than putting them in the lowest position in the leadership pyramid. To put that into a simpler point of view, you can draw a pyramid and flip it upside down.

The advantages of it

There are a number of advantages that a business can get by applying this type of leadership in its operation. For example, because the Servant Leadership is seen as a long-term concept for both life and work, it has a greater potential to influence people in the society and employees in the workplace. In addition to that, this type of leadership practice can be utilized as a principle in order to improve the return on investment of staff, which can be done by giving respects to all of the employees.

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