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Two Reasons Why You Should Join To The Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Thea Bowman Leadership Academy Those who ever heard or even read about Thea Bowman must be familiar with her struggle to become an evangelist among her people in 1985. She is a teacher, a servant to God, who has made the great and big contributions toward others, especially for African American people. As the name of Thea Bowman and her fight to bring people by her religious character, a great and notable public school is named after her. That great school is Thea Bowman Leadership Academy. By becoming a charter public school, this academy has been proven as an effective school which can rise up student’s integrity and leadership skill so they can be a good future leader. 

Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Thea Bowman Leadership Academy
Why you should join to Thea Bowman Leadership Academy? There are two main reasons that can burden your question and apply to this school as soon as possible. First, this school has over than ninety percent graduation rate per year. This could be seen vividly on the website by clicking right away. This academy serves a delightful way to teach and assist students so they can absorb knowledge and practice it spontaneously based on religious way. Second, around eighty seven percent of graduated students have been accepted in a prestigious university in the country such as Purdue, Indiana University, Indiana State, Valparaiso University, Central State, and Tuskegee University. The graduated students who have not entered at any university are getting various jobs as well as the end of their school. Almost students get a higher level of education and jobs which is varied like health care, education, or even military. 

Two Reasons Why You Should Join To The Thea Bowman Leadership Academy

Thea Bowman Leadership Academy also provides much scholarship for their students during them study there. When they are graduated, this academy also connects them into post-secondary education in university by giving and guiding them to get higher scholarships.
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