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Definition of Situational Leadership | How To Manage Your Style

Definition of Situational LeadershipNot every human being can fit perfectly in a social situation. Some are just being cameo and enjoying the show without taking any danger or any risk for their life. Some other are feeling miserable and annoyed by social dictates and world development every day, even every year. But a leader, a true leader, is the one who capable handling any problem and any situation they are getting into. So that, not everybody can be an essential leader toward their community or organization. Sometimes people are forced to be a leader because of their position and organization. This takes a very important statement that a leader is not born directly, but he or she is shaped and formed by situation, or we can say it as situational leadership. The Definition of Situational Leadership is adjusting process of a leader whom is formed and developed by environment. 

Definition of Situational Leadership

Definition of Situational Leadership | How To Manage Your Style
If we determine the leadership phenomena closely and personally, a leader in marketing business actually has different style than a leader in educational zone. We may take a simple example like this. While a manager of shoes factory is doing determination toward his or her employees and arranging commands gradually, a school leader or a headmaster is monitoring teacher’s working and student’s improvement of knowledge all the time. This makes the Definition of Situational Leadership has different meaning depend on the job itself. The traits mastered by the leader from various jobs are also different. 

Definition of Situational Leadership | How To Manage Your Style

The Definition of Situational Leadership theory then has been studied, developed and obtained by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard. They even accommodated us to getting closer about a leader’s style and its implementation in society. Several years after that, different person named Graeff has produced the rubric of how to emphasize our leadership style based on our work in daily activity.
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