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Def Of Leadership: Never Look At One Description

Definition of leadership - People often talk about leadership in their life. In fact, many people have proclaim themselves to be a leader. In addition to that, there are so many leadership and motivation workshop that have been joined by many people in the hope that they will become a good leader and a good motivator. However, when they are asked about definition of leadership. When you search the word leadership online, you will have a lot of definition. However, one thing that we have to know about leadership is that we should not treat it as only just a word with a fixed definition. We have to be able to see it from a lot of different point of view.

Def Of Leadership: Never Look At One Description
Definition of leadership

To start, when you look up for a definition of leadership, you may run into a definition that says a leadership is the individuals who are the leaders in an organization, regarded collectively. When we see this definition, a leadership is considered as the people and not the activity. Yes, it is true that leadership involves a person who leads the company, but is more into the activity rather than a person. Thus, we may have to look for another meaning. In another meaning, leadership is seen as an activity of leading a group of people. In addition, it also talks about the ability of somebody who leads the people. 

Def Of Leadership: Never Look At One Description

In addition, when you are looking up the definition of leadership, you also need to know what it involves. In one website, it is said that leadership should involve creating a clear and vivid vision to the follower. This skill is needed in leadership so that both the leader and the followers can have a clear view about what goal they should achieve. Next, a good leadership practice should be able to share important knowledge to realize the vision that has been shared.
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