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Affiliative Leadership Style | How and When To Use It

Affiliative Leadership StyleThe most challenging thing of being a leader is building a great connection and communication from leader to the other leader, from leader to member, and from member to member. Yet, we know that every true and great leader is formed by complicated situation and problem every time. Based on the phenomena, several studies are conducted to find and know what various style of being a leader. As far as I know, there are six style of leader in the world; they are the coercive leader, the authoritative leader, the affiliative leader, the democratic leader, the pacesetter, and the coach. They have their own and unique characteristic. Those who are placed in company and want to raise a new leader must know every leadership style in order to choose the right leader. The style which can answer the first statement about building a great connection and communication is affiliative leadership style

Affiliative Leadership Style 

Affiliative Leadership Style | How and When To Use It
The affiliative leadership style is the king of negotiation and building relationship. Concept brought by this style is being friends, a partner, and the one who can be spoken to, not the one who becomes a boss. There is no boss in this type of leadership. This kind of leader sees that everyone in the company or institution has the same direction and the same goals. The affiliative leader always assimilates until the lowest level of the employees. This is really good condition because we know that not every leader can build a good relationship with his or her colleagues. Instead of being a friend, most company leader positioning themselves of being a boss. 

Affiliative Leadership Style | How and When To Use It

The affiliative leadership style suits for company which has to struggle everyday by facing various type of customers, stressful workplace with tight deadlines (journalist of a newspaper or magazine in samples), and entertainment factory which has high demand to be creative and innovative everyday.
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