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What Is Transformational Leadership

What Is Transformational Leadership - Sometimes, one of the easiest ways to achieve your team goal is to change the usual approach and find something that works better than the previous approach. This idea is what the Transformational Leadership brings. The term transformation leadership refers to the leadership style where the leader of the team works hand in hand with his or her team to identify the change that is needed to achieve the goal that has been planned. In addition to that, this style of leadership is also known for being able to create a vision to the team to guide the changes that they have made by using the inspiration.

What Is Transformational Leadership

One of the traits of the Transformational Leadership is the fact that it is able to increase the motivation and the morale of the workers who the leader leads. The increase of morale and motivation among the workers will lead to the increasing of job performance, which, in turn, will bring a lot of profit to the company, and eventually bring more profit to the workers. So, how does this style of leadership works? 

In order to use the Transformational Leadership well in the real–world usage, the leader should be able to reach the heart of his or her subordinate. This approach may include being a role model for the followers or the workers to follow. Being a role model in the team, the leader who uses this style of leadership will be able to inspire the workers while also increasing the interest of the team in the project that is being worked. In addition to that, a good leader who uses this kind of leadership style should be able to know the strength and the weakness of individual follower so that he or she is able to put the right person in the right place at the right time. 

What traits that need to be had by the leader who wants to adopt the Transformational Leadership in his or her leadership style? One of the traits is being an extravert. An extravert refers to the ability in creating and delivering inspiration based on reasons. Another trait that a leader has to have in order to adopt this leadership style is the openness to experience. Being exposed to an experience that he or she never has before should be able to make the leader aware of the surrounding. This, in turn, will be able to help him or her to take a good decision.
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