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Kotter Suggests That Leadership And Management

Kotter Suggests That Leadership And ManagementJohn Kotter is one of the best-selling book authors about leadership and management. Thus, if you want to learn about the connection between leadership and management, you may need to start learning about it by reading his best-selling books. The first book that he made was “Leading Change” that was published back in the year of 1995 and his second best-selling book entitled “The Heart of Change” that was published in 2002. These two books have been seen as one of the best books that one should read if he or she wants to start learning about leadership, management, and the connection between the two. 

Kotter Suggests That Leadership And Management

In both of his book, John Kotter suggests that leadership and management need to go hand in hand. This is shown by his idea that if a change will be able to be successful if at least around 75% of the people within the organization want the change. Reaching that many people to agree with the suggested idea, a company or an organization may need to have a good leader who can accommodate or to influence the followers, and this is how he suggests that leadership and management in an organization should go hand in hand. 

So, how does a good leader manage to make sure that more than 70% of his or her team feel that the change is needed? One of the ways that Kotter suggest to see the relation between leadership and management in influencing others is by creating the urgency that is felt by that many people. Creating urgency can be done by having an extensive internal talk about the market and the environment of the competitor. In addition, a thorough look at the SWOT analysis should also be done to make sure that most of the members of that organization can agree with the change. 

In addition to the aforementioned strategies, a good leader who wants to combine the leadership and management needs to be able to develop a vision and a set of strategy. Will you change your method into a suggested method if that suggested method does not have a clear vision? I am sure that you will not. Thus, if you expect that your organization needs to take the chance to change, you, as a good leader, may need to develop a clear vision about why you need to change. You may need to make a good presentation about it. 
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