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Types Of Leadership Styles

Types Of Leadership Styles  - There have been a lot of researches whose goal is to find out how many leadership styles are out there. However, before we start looking at some of the well-known Types Of Leadership that the world has already known these days, I believe that a quick look at the definition of leadership style is one of the most important steps that we have to take. Based on the research that was done by Asae Center, the term leadership style refers to the way a person utilize his or her power to lead other people. 

 Types Of Leadership Styles 

 Types Of Leadership Styles

Some research suggests that the kinds of leadership can be seen based on how many people follow that leader. However, it should be noticed that not all of leadership style can be used in any condition. While one type of leadership style may be good for one type of situation and the number of followers, the others may not. 

Democratic Leadership allows subordinate in decision making 

Democratic leadership has been growing a lot in the free world. Countries with a lot of people such as America and Indonesia are the two example of how democratic system can run well in a country that is occupied by a lot of people. This leadership style can grow well because this leadership style is one of the Types Of Leadership that involves subordinate in decision-making. To provide you an example, when the country needs to choose a leader of the country, every member of the country decide who is preferred to lead the country by voting. 

Autocratic Leadership: focuses on the boss 

You may think that Autocratic Leadership is always bad. However, as I have said earlier, not all Types Of Leadership work well in any condition. For Autocratic, it is good when applied in the condition where there is a limited number of people.
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