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Transformational Leadership Definition


Transformational Leadership DefinitionDo you know that leadership style or kind is not just one? When you step into the realm of leadership, you will see that a number of styles of leadership are available for you to apply. Now, one of them is getting more attention than the others and this is what we call as the Transformational Leadership. What it is and how it is different from any other leadership style? In this short and brief article, we are going to find out.

Transformational Leadership Definition

The definition of Transformational Leadership  

Business Dictionary defines the Transformational Leadership as an example of leadership style in which the leader of a structure works with his or her subordinate in order to identify the changes that they need to have. In addition to identifying the changes, the leader in this type of leadership has to be able to create a vision in order to guide everyone to change by giving them some inspiration. However, the most important in this type of leadership is that the leader works with other people, namely its subordinate, to gain the profit of the masses and not individual.

The positive traits

As previously mentioned that the Transformational Leadership style is done by giving some inspiration to the people, a leader has to have a great communication skill so that he or she can enhance the motivation of his or her followers. In most of the cases of leaders using this kind of style of leadership, motivation, morale, and job performance increase is one of the things that is expected. If you want to apply this leadership style, you need to be able to be a good role model to your followers because this will inspire them to do a better work to achieve the goal of the company or to achieve the goal of the masses.

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